MES or Mess? Why a Scheduling AP is Only as Good as its Rescheduling Capabilities

In previous posts, I’ve written about how rescheduling—rather than creating the original schedule–is the main job of any operations manager.  How many times has a set schedule played out exactly as planned? It’s probably the rare occasion. This need is … Continued

Picture This: What Scheduling and Hawaii Have in Common

Using a good scheduling app can surely save you enough money for a trip to Hawaii, but that’s not what I’m getting at in this blog post. The subject this time is how to search for an optimal schedule. We … Continued

Sequencing and Product Models in Manufacturing Scheduling

Here’s a bold assertion:  The best schedules result from using the right descriptive model of the manufacturing environment. Some would argue that the best schedules result from some type of optimizing logic.   The fact is that optimal solutions are obtainable … Continued