Scheduling by Any Other Name is…

If you looked up “scheduling” in my thesaurus, you might find an interesting list of alternate terms: Resource Allocation Resource Management Capacity Planning Order Management Promise Date Determination Operations Management Materials Resource Planning …and many, many more. Call it what … Continued

The NOUNS and VERBS of Scheduling

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Do you schedule activities, projects, tasks, events, cases, games, meetings, processes, or procedures?  Does your scheduling application force you to use one of those terms? Do you schedule people, trucks, rooms, machines, computers, fields, or equipment?  Does your scheduling application … Continued

The Search for a Common Format: Why “Generic” is a Good Thing

A generic scheduling format is the way to go. Here’s why: A domain scheduler is designed and implemented for a particular application area.  Here are a few examples : Service schedulers have trucks, technicians, test equipment, and “calls.” Medical schedulers … Continued

Scheduling Is Not Your Problem–Rescheduling Is!

What takes longer: building a schedule or revising a schedule?? Most operations analysts believe revising a schedule takes more time..   But why? The answer is that things seldom go as planned.  Feeding the actual circumstances back into the planning process … Continued

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